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My new book:        GOING BELOW THE WATER'S EDGE

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An actual journey into the mental workings of the mind. Seeking answer to past lives, reincarnation, and the inner self.

Explores through hypnosis the conscious and unconscious mind, where the vast majority is hidden and not seen.

Looks at a unique historical perspective, leather-bound papyrus volumes found in jars at a ruined tomb in Egypt. One such volumes reflected Jesus Christ's journey into the spirit world.


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 Book Description:

GOING BELOW THE WATER’S EDGE     To an observer looking upon the water’s surface, most of an iceberg is below the water and cannot be seen. An iceberg may have eight or nine times as much ice below the water’s edge as there is above.

After the military, I had plenty of military benefits to enable me to get a masters degree. I chose the area of psychology. The degree was not as important as the reason why I chose that route. Remember that plane crash? Well, it was during a time of many other deaths. The body had been thrown through the propellers and diced up like meat at the supermarket rack. As the police body-bagged the person, I watched the dogs feed on many of the scattered remains. Approximately one year after this incident, I was flying in a plane out of Ohio.

The lights flickered on and off and the pilot told the passengers not to worry. Next the engines began to reeve. Then all became deathly quiet. We were going down! As we prepared for a crash, I sat back in my seat as my life passed before me in quick flashes than in longer segments. To our benefit, I looked out the window and saw the ground approaching and the welcomed sight of ambulances and fire trucks scattered around the runway. We glided down the airport runway — we made it! The flight was later being booked to another plane, but I had enough of flying for that day and instead took a car home.

The hell had been scared out of me. The last plane crash I had witnessed made me totally aware of the potential dangers that existed, yet, the fears that I experienced during that flight opened a totally new area of awareness in me such as being fully aware that mentally we were more than the current moment: Mentally, we are like an iceberg wherein only the tip is above the water and somewhat understood. Below the water lies a mass of which we are almost not even aware of – yet it is the mass that often moves us. Even though I’d often experienced tremendous pressures and endured unexpected crises, it took this crisis to bring about extreme pressure and fear to make me aware of its existence.

By the time I’d hit my late twenties, I’d explored much of the world’s geographical areas and observed varied social cultures. It was my desire to look behind the scenes whereby I gained an insight into understanding situations that most people have difficulty relating to. I scuba dived to explore oceans and had been sucked out of jets in airborne military exercises. Yet, the greatest exploration and adventure was awaiting — the journey into the inner self. Or as to the iceberg comparison – GOING BELOW THE WATER’S EDGE.


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Review Rating:      5 stars!

Reviewed By Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite

GOING BELOW THE WATER'S EDGE: PAST LIVES, REINCARNATION, INNER SELF by RONALD S. FEHRIBACH is a book that gives readers ideas about the hows and whys of life, living and relationships. It speaks about the concept of reincarnation and how each religion looks upon it and interprets the moving on of the soul after the death of the body each time. It also brings up the curiosity angle of individuals who are eager to know more about their past lives and the impact it has on their present life. The topic covered in the book is highly interesting and it reiterates the fact that the soul is immortal. The author's personal sessions with the doctor add weight to the concept of past life regression and it gives readers another perspective on the soul being immortal and the concept that only the body perishes. The author feels that the most explosive advancement in the future will be on the workings of the human mind. The author also speaks about the oscillation of light and dark and how the latter veils the senses till we move into light and envisage things with more clarity. Delving more into a past life through regression and hypnosis can be helpful and useful in understanding one's own self. Knowing about a past life can also be helpful in curing many psychosomatic diseases. Past Life Regression and Hypnosis are topics that are very exciting, mysterious and fascinating and they take readers into another realm altogether. An interesting topic that can make the readers look at their lives with another perspective. I thought the cover was fantastic. It complements the topic discussed in the book beautifully.



Review Rating:            5 stars!

Reviewed By Gisela Dixon for Readers' Favorite

Going Below the Water's Edge:  Past Lives, Reincarnation, Inner Self by Ronald S. Fehribach is a riveting, autobiographical account of Ronald's path toward self-discovery and his knowledge of reincarnation.  This book combines elements of philosophy, the power of the conscious and unconscious mind, mysticism, hypnosis, psychology and more in a compelling account of one man's journey into the realm of his past lives and what it all means to him.  This book begins with a collection of excerpts related to reincarnation from well-known people as well as the religions of the world, including certain aspects of ancient Hindu and Buddhist beliefs of reincarnation.  The book then moves on to describing Ronald's experience with reincarnation in first person through hypnosis with his counselor.

Ronald Fehribach writes in a direct, personal way that reaches the audience on a human level.  Ronald's writing is easy to read and understand and, in fact, at times he is able to convey complex theories in a simple, straightforward, heart-to-heart talk manner.  I enjoyed reading this book tremendously because it offers a rare, first-person account of one man's journey towards self-awareness through real question-and-answer sessions with his therapist.  It is a must-read for anyone who is on such a journey themselves or for anyone interested in that most fundamental  of questions:  who am I?  Ronald is an engaging writer and I am considering reading this book again as I believe this may be one of those books which, the more one reads it, the more one gets out of it.  Overall, I highly recommend this book.   



Review Rating:                         5 stars!

Reviewed by Sonia

This book opens up many questions in regards to your current life status and it invites you to think about what's your purpose in life.  I really recommend reading this book if you're looking for a path, to going into your inner self.  Have fun reading it and I hope you find what your looking for.








July 14, 2011





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